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I love bass.

I love jazzz.

Marshmallow is the best antidote

Orange is my colour of life.

And dandelion made my days.

Someday I wish I could be

Like a dandelion clock.

So white, so soft,

And I am freely moving around


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1. I want to marry Mr wrong. cause mr Right isnt always Right.

2. Still in the process of being a 2nd tempered mental bassist.

3. Travel around the world to see how beautiful it is.

4. teh c kurang manis :)

5. To get a DSLR nikon camera * i knw im not even good in taking photos*

6. Im animal lover! So what if I like puppy?.

7. Be Be-Ee-A-You-ti-full girl

8. Forever really means FOREVER.

9. Gain wisdom, knowledge, talent,

10. I’ve got and ukulele. Now I want a CAR

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Happy Chinese New Year

Saturday, February 5, 2011

holla readers,

happy chinese new year to those who are celebrating *cleaning dusts here*

my updates
1. I joined the debate team after seniors keep pushing me to join, lecturer encouraging, sister recommended, and my ownself who wanted to join so badly in the first place.

2. became the golden Hornbill drumline first president.

3. Im going to tutor my tutees the account subject.


whats in my mind, whats in my mind, whats in my mind

a stranger stabs me infront,
a friend stabs me in the back,
a boyfriend stabs me in the heart,
but with bestfriends we only poke each other with straws or pinky =)

yes. im single
ps. not available

Tina ling is so gorgeous dot com


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Better Days

Friday, January 7, 2011

It has been the 7th day in the new year of 2011.
happy new year to dear readers, and happy birthday to all those mr and miss January.
I was in dean's list and i spent my holidays wisely, going to brunei, having fun and my days just gets better and better each day.

Thank you Allah. As always you are the reason im still alive
i managed to stay survive on the first week of the beginning sem.

I sang for hours in kbox with momo and azim and chilling in the bing.
my favourite place in kuching and currently having my favourite dish.
something so mouthwatering with the price as low as rm 6.


p.s : i'll update my tumblr. soon. =)) xoxo
i got tons of cost accounting homeworks


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First paper

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yeah, final is at its starting point and today was the arrival of the first paper. It was the Fundamentals of Islam. How I thought it was going to be a tough one but Al-hamdulillah I think I did it quite well. Carry marks was quite a dissapointment for me, it was only 26.6 over 50 and yeah, I lost almost half of the marks.

God knows will I get an A or a B for my Islamic subject paper.
I had tiny bits of the insomnia symptoms for these days.
My body had been aching for the past few hours and it still does.
Im so excited with exams and cant wait to finish it a.s.a.p and proceed with semester break.
and BTW
I've updated my new wishlist
1. Dean's list

2. or atleast a 3 pointer

3. New plug in guitar or bass guitar (either one as long its accoustic plug in)

4. Travel around within this upcoming sem break *backpacking*

5. Be a good girl to my both my parents
6. Be a good servant to Allah S.W.T

7. Chill with the hottest

8. Be happy!

p.s : im Me.. I'm Tina Ling A Ling A Ling. You wont see the other me anywhere accept for this one.


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Ubat please

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ubat paling baik for anxiety and stress is actually talking about yourself =)

Thanks dear love friend.
I missed Darren Wee


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Friday, October 22, 2010

1. I woke up late

2. I drank 2 big bottles of h20 cause i love em

3. I argued with my twin because I hate him

4. he used my profile pic as his

5. kester was not in the mood

6. people rushing to submit ther activity card

7. i spammed his wall

8. I dance macarina dance moves

9. I request help from him because my internet line was too slow

10. Im bloggin at really early morning

11. I hate Tina Abdul~

12. It rained heavily

13. Im still not talking to him~

14. I missed my cat.. Really do

15. I want My guitar back. give it back please

16. My ukulele sounds cuter than yours. that is if you have one

p.s This is only for today


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I Got an A

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yes. A for English Essay. Contribution from my sir Leron.
heres a clearer view!!

im exagerating
Im Happy ~ =)


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I love being me~

Dear readers,
my best friend had a shocking news when he knew that he failed his account test 2.
I was shocked to. But lets accept the fact. You've failed, why not try again.
worry not when you faced failure. You know what people say,
failure is the mother of success.
So be prepared for SUCCESS just pack on some
effort + hope + faith + support from me + prayer towards Allah S.W.T = InsyaAllah success =))
tee hee

Dreams are made on cotton candy, sweet yet fragile

If you got a hater means you are damn AWESOME that people wanna be YOU!

p.s : this is for you N. Cheer up.


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